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Dr. Kildare Tv Series 1961-1966

Jerry Goldsmith

Dr. Kildare Tv Series 1961-1966

Film Score Monthly

Music By Jerry Goldsmith

EUR 40.99

Label Film Score


Limited Edition 3000 Copies

Original CD/NOT/CDR

CD New

Artist: Jerry Goldsmith
Title: Dr. Kildare Tv Series 1961-1966
Media: CD
Release date: 04.04.2009
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 10

Music Composed and Conducted by Jerrald Goldsmith

First Season End Title 1:02
Twenty-Four Hours

Morning Call/Main Title 2:43
Emmy�s Assignment/Preparations 3:59
The Failure/The Date/Coffee Break 2:16
The Church/Foolish Man 2:38
The Invitation/Late Date/Emergency Treatment 2:35
Check Up/The Lake 2:11
Total Time: 17:22

The Lonely Ones

Special Delivery 1:22
The Motel/Discovery 4:15
The Accident/The Mainline/The Fix 4:21
Junk Fever/The Neighbors 4:15
Martha Pleads 1:17
Overdose/The Future/New Patients 2:42
Total Time: 18:12


The Prince and the Pauper/Main Title 2:20
Top of the Morning/The Probe/Interrogation/Diagnosis 2:42
Father Is a Drunk/The Newspaper/Final Edition 3:15
The Visitors 1:22
Henry�s Report/Wolski Fades 1:44
Ania�s Story 3:00
Ania�s Story, end/Dinner Date 2:14
Total Time: 16:37

Shining Images

Early Curtain/Julie�s Symptoms 2:35
No Parking/Family History/Julie�s Got It/Julie�s Helper/Off to Artie�s 2:54
Julie�s Realization 2:38
The Artisan/The Flowers 2:50
Free Advice/Goodnight Julie 3:49
Total Time: 14:46

A Million Dollary Property

Kathy Arrives/The Group 1:36
Morning Gossip/The Lion�s Roar 1:55
A Different Kind of Man/No Future 2:20
Playmates/A Kiss in the Moonlight/The Letter/Split Up/Poor Kathy 2:57
New Plans/Pretty Flower/A Little Shakespeare 1:44
Total Time: 10:32

Total Disc Time: 78:38

Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Harry Sukman and Richard Markowitz

End Title, pilot (Goldsmith) 1:16
Wild Cues & Bumper (Goldsmith) 2:05
Medley: Act Opens (Goldsmith) 1:31
Hit and Run (Sukman) 7:21
Johnny Temple (Sukman) 6:26
My Brother, the Doctor (Sukman) 7:08
The Administrator (Sukman) 4:10
Oh My Daughter (Sukman) 6:01
The Search (Markowitz) 4:21
The Horn of Plenty (Sukman) 8:28
Second Season End Title (Goldsmith) 1:02
The Soul Killer (Sukman) 3:43
Good Luck Charm (Sukman) 7:11
Dark Side of the Mirror (Sukman) 5:15
The Gift of the Koodkanuk (Sukman) 5:29
What�s God to Julius? (Sukman) 6:32
Total Disc Time: 78:44


Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Harry Sukman, Morton Stevens, Burt Bacharach, Lalo Schifrin, John Green, Bronislau Kaper and Alexander Courage

Three Stars Will Shine Tonight (Goldsmith-Rugolo-Winn, Sung by Richard Chamberlain) 2:39
Third Season End Title (Goldsmith) 1:02
The Exploiters (Sukman) 3:24
Tyger, Tyger (Sukman), Part 1 4:05
Tyger, Tyger, Part 2 2:50
Tyger, Tyger, Part 3 3:49
Tyger, Tyger, Part 4 5:51
Night of the Beast (Stevens) 3:25
Mulligan Stew (Stevens) 1:45
Fourth Season End Title (Goldsmith) 0:50
Maybe Love Will Save My Apartment House (Stevens) 5:18
Ellen�s Party (Stevens) 2:38
What�s Different About Today? (Sukman) 6:00
Rome Will Never Leave You (Bacharach-Stevens), Part I 4:57
Rome Will Never Leave You, Parts II and III 4:20
Fifth Season End Title (Goldsmith) 0:44
The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee (Schifrin) 3:11
Beat�s Beat (Schifrin) 3:00
Soul Source (Schifrin) 3:42
New Doctor in Town (Green) 2:41
Reckoning (Green) 3:09
Dr. Kildare (1960) (Kaper) Main Title 1:14
Dr. Kildare (1960) (Kaper-Courage), part 2 3:44
Dr. Kildare (1960), part 3 2:15
Dr. Kildare (1960), End Credits 0:40
Total Disc Time: 78:14

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