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John Williams



Music By John Williams

Label Intrada Limited Edition

Aviable Copy Lmited X Costumers

Long overdue first U.S. CD release of brilliant, exuberant John Williams soundtrack from Harry Winer young astronaut tale with Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, (very young) Joaquin Phoenix. John Williams brings incredible sense of wonder, exhilaration to outer space saga with melodies both awe-inspiring, exciting. Highlights are many: rich, expressive opening theme, rousing action sequences during space flight, powerhouse fortissimo finish to "Home Again", others. Special spotlight goes to "SpaceCamp" cue, heard in film as the end credits: here composer launches brilliant orchestral display with fanfares, rhythms, resounding statement of main theme - all in single cue that clearly inspired future fanfares for Olympics, various Americana events. Wow! This is top drawer Williams! Intrada presents original album (a then generous 48 minutes) in stereo direct from RCA album masters now vaulted by Sony. Descriptive notes by Michael Matessino plus original LP cover art complete the package. John Williams conducts.

Original CD NOT/CDR

For every purchase of 125.00 or more (not including postage), you get this CD FREE while supplies last!

Artist: John Williams
Title: SpaceCamp
Media: CD
Release date: 29.08.2010
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 0
01 Main Title (03:07)
02 Training Montage (02:00)
03 The Shuttle (05:02)
04 The Computer Room (01:54)
05 Friends Forever (02:20)
06 In Orbit (03:12)
07 White Sands (06:52)
08 SpaceCamp (04:06)
09 Viewing Daedalus (02:45)
10 Max Breaks Loose (02:21)
11 Andie Is Stranded (04:08)
12 Max Finds Courage (03:53)
13 Re-Entry (03:55)
14 Home Again (03:30)
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