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A Gathering Of Eagles

Jerry Goldsmith

A Gathering Of Eagles

Varese CD CLUB

Music By Jerry Goldsmith

EUR 24.99

Limited Edition 3000 Copies

Original CD NOT/CDR

Representing Jerry Goldsmith's first foray into a contemporary military story, A Gathering of Eagles has been one of his most requested score for many years. Since the film's 1963 release, not one note of this score has ever been released, so even in a year overflowing with soundtrack releases once never thought possible, A Gathering of Eagles will be a highlight for many. And even more exciting than the fact this release is a premiere, the score itself is a thrilling classic � a genuine must for all Goldsmith fans.

Artist: Jerry Goldsmith
Title: A Gathering Of Eagles
Media: CD
Release date: 20.09.2010
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 5
1. Trademark and Prologue (:43)
2. Alert and Main Title (2:13)
3. Carmody A.F.B. (1:22)
4. Grand Tour (2:26)
5. The Titan (:46)
6. Green Flash Alert (3:40)
7. Victoria's Arrival (2:01)
8. Do Not Disturb (3:16)
9. Fueling Around (3:29)
10. Out Of Contact (3:41)
11. Flaps Up Landing (2:19)
12. Aggravation (1:10)
13. Surprise Encounter (1:32)
14. Making Up (2:08)
15. Broken Date (1:42)
16. Fowler's Accident (3:02)
17. Victoria's Plea (1:03)
18. Therapy (3:56)
19. It's An O.R.I. (1:31)
20. Seating It Out (1:37)
21. Hospital Beat (2:18)
22. End Title (1:33)
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