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The Chronicles Of Narnia The Voyage Of THE Dawn Tr

David Arnold

The Chronicles Of Narnia The Voyage Of THE Dawn Tr

Original Soundtrack

Music By David Arnold


Original CD NOT/CDR

Artist: David Arnold
Title: The Chronicles Of Narnia The Voyage Of THE Dawn Tr
Media: CD
Release date: 03.12.2010
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 0
1. Opening Titles
2. The Painting
3. High King And Queen Of Narnia
4. Reepicheep
5. Land Ahoy
6. The Lone Island
7. Lord Bern
8. The Green Mist
9. Market Forces
10. 1st Sword
11. Eustace On Deck
12. Duel
13. The Magician's Island
14. Lucy And The Invisible Mansion
15. Coriakin And The Map
16. Temptation of Lucy
17. Aslan Appears
18. The Golden Cavern
19. Temptation of Edmund
20. Dragons Treasure
21. Dragon Attack
22. Under The Stars
23. Blue Star
24. Aslan's Table
25. Liliandil And Dark Island
26. The Calm Before The Storm
27. Into Battle
28. Sweet Water
29. Ship To Shore
30. Time To Go Home
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