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48 Hours New 2011

James Horner

48 Hours New 2011


Music By James Horner

EUR 25.99

If out of stock, availability is 1 - 2 weeks

Label Intrada

Limited Editition 3000 Copies


At last! World premiere release of early J1982ames Horner score for hit action movie directed by Walter Hill, starring Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy. Long-awaited album features James Horner score (licensed through Paramount Pictures) mastered in dynamic sound from original 1/2" three-track stereo session masters plus all-important songs created for the film by The BusBoys (courtesy of Arista Records, licensed through Sony Music Entertainment) including signature "The Boys Are Back In Town", presented from original 1/4" two-track stereo master elements. In addition, Intrada CD also presents Ira Newborn instrumental ("Torchy's Boogie") heard during famous redneck bar sequence with Murphy posing as the "new sheriff in town". Horner scores for orchestra of strings, harp, keyboards, guitars, harmonica, solo woodwinds, large percussion section including steel drums plus sizeable ensemble of low brass... but tacets trumpets, French horns. Results are aggressive, rhythmic action music with degree of grit, edge. Dan Wallin recording captures every detail with crisp, punchy sound. Twin tubas and quartet of trombones in low register are especially solid! Interestingly, composer keeps them playing in unison & octaves at fortissimo volume throughout, creating thick wall of sound that gives score (along with steel percussion) a unique timbre. James Horner & The BusBoys together earned "Best Music/Score" award from Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Intrada is proud to present this important contribution to cinema music on album at last! Informative notes by John Takis complete exciting package. The BusBoys perform their vocals, Ira Newborn supervises, James Horner conducts his score. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 5000 copies! - Douglass Fake, Intrada Producer

Artist: James Horner
Title: 48 Hours New 2011
Media: CD
Release date: 14.01.2011
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 5
01. Main Title 5:09
02. Jack Leaves Elaine Apartment 1:06
03. The Walden Hotel 4:10
04. Aerobics 4:08
05. Subway Station 5:38
06. Subway Chase 1:50
07. Luther Bus 1:57
08. The Alley 5:20
09. The Boys Are Back In Town 2:35 (The BusBoys)

The Extras:

10. 48 Hrs. 3:13 (The BusBoys)
11. Love Songs Are For Crazies 3:44 (The BusBoys)
12. New Shoes 3:32 (The BusBoys)
13. Torchy Boogie 2:55 (Ira Newborn)

Total Disc Time: 46:00
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