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Rich and famous/one is a lonely number

Georges Delerue

Rich and famous/one is a lonely number

Original Soundtrack

Music By Georges Delerue/Michel Legrand

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Label Film Score

Original CD Limited Edition 2000 Copies


Artist: Georges Delerue
Title: Rich and famous/one is a lonely number
Media: CD
Release date: 16.02.2011
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 0
Rich and Famous

Music Composed and Conducted by Georges Delerue

Something Strange About You/End Credits (wild) 4:33
Main Title 1:54
String Quartet 1:21
You Owe Me One/Into Him 2:13
Reading the Script/3M2/Youre OK 1:29
Some Years Ago 1:31
Taxi/I Lied/Teddy Bear/Liz 2:16
Eighteen 3:52
Goodnight/Chris/Making Love/Very Still (alternate)/Very Still/Give Me 555/Slowly Read It/Crying Liz 3:55
Something Strange About You (alternate) 0:56
Something Strange About You/End Credits 3:59
Total Time: 28:29

One Is a Lonely Number

Music Le Soleil, la Mer et les Bateaux├?┬» Music by Michel Legrand, Lyrics by Jean Drejac, Sung by Michel Legrand

1M1 (Main Title) 2:10
1M2 (Alone in the City) 1:00
2M1 (The Dress) 1:33
4M1 (Sad Memories) 1:32
5M1 (Loneliness) 1:33
5M2 (Source Rock) 4:08
Le Soleil, la Mer et les Bateaux 3:54
7M1 (The Diving Board)/Shakespearean Fanfare (Mel Stuart) 1:29
9M1 (Moving On) 3:44
9M2 (The Gift)/Fender Rhodes (The Chess Game) 1:37
10M1 (The Photo) 0:58
10M2 (Amy Hits Bottom) 1:58
11M1 (At the Morgue) 1:24
12M1 (Finale and End Cast) 1:58
Total Time: 29:29

Total Disc Time: 58:04
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