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The Wrong Box

John Barry

The Wrong Box


Music By John Barry

EUR 24.99

Label intrada Special Collection

Limited Edition

Original CD NOT/CDR

Artist: John Barry
Title: The Wrong Box
Media: CD
Release date: 13.12.2011
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 10
Original 1966 Soundtrack Album In Stereo (29:08)
01. Main Title 2:46
02. Montage Of Deaths 2:08
03. Yes, Who Is That? 1:32
04. Strangler 3:15
05. Responsible For Bringing Us Together 1:11
06. God Save Us/Pedantic, Boring, Old 1:52
07. Morris Visits Dr. Pratt 0:58
08. Morris Hides As He Sees Handcart 2:31
09. Tontine Box Is Put On Hearse 1:39
10. Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage (Von Tilzer) 2:46
11. Michael & Julia On Hearse 1:48
12. Hackett Funeral And Fight 3:51
13. Bournemouth Strangler 2:26

Previously Unreleased Music In Mono (21:50)
14. Suite No. 1 10:17
[Main Title; Montage Of Deaths/Rhino Safari/I Believe You Are Too;
Well That's What I'll Do Then/Julie Runs From From Front Door;
Morris Takes Candle; God Save Us! Tag]
15. Suite No. 2 11:28
[Good Day Cousin; Peacock Looks At Body; ƒ¢ï¿½‚¦Sequence;
I Was Not Always; Salvation Army Major-Masterman; Finish]

Two Takes From Three-Track Stereo Session Master (7:54)
16. 1M1 T8 "Main Title" 2:59
17. 1M2 T2 "Montage Of Deaths/Rhino Safari/I Believe You Are Too" 4:55

Total CD Time 59:03
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