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Michael Kamen


Bottleg CD

Music By Michael Kamen

EUR 18.99

Complete Score

Artist: Michael Kamen
Title: Frequency
Media: CD
Release date: 06.06.2004
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 1
01 Main Titles
02 Sewer Rescue
03 Aurora Borealis
04 Goodbye, Chief
05 The Scrapbook
06 On The Air
07 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
08 30 Years Ago
09 The Buxton Fire
10 I'm Still Here Chief
11 Catching Up
12 Repercussions
13 Who Are You ?
14 Something Happened
15 Hunting the Nightingale
16 Talking to the Family
17 The Next Victim
18 Too Late
19 Evidence
20 Visiting Mr. Shepard
21 Skeletons in the Closet
22 Under Suspicion
23 Detained
24 Frank's Dilema
25 Frank's Escape
26 Chasing Frank
27 Last Flight of the Nightingale
28 Safe at Home
29 Return of the Nightingales
30 End Titles
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