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Captain America Rec Sessions New

Alan Silvestri

Captain America Rec Sessions New

Bottleg CD

Music By Alan Silvestri

EUR 35.99

Label Ltd Edition

Good Sound 2/cd SET

Not Ufficial Release CD

Artist: Alan Silvestri
Title: Captain America Rec Sessions New
Media: CD
Release date: 26.11.2012
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 10
1m1 Logos (0:44)
1m1alt1 Logos (0:56)
1m2 alt1 Frozen Wasteland (1:51)
1m2a alt1 Frozen Wasteland (0:54)
1m2a alt2 Frozen Wasteland (0:37)
1m2b Presentation Card (0:29)
1m3alt1 Schmidts Arrival (1:09)
1m4alt1 Schmidt Discovers Cube (1:43)
1m5 Schmidts NewT reasure (0:26)
1m5a alt1 Give Order To Fire (0:34)
1m5End Trans to NY (0:18)
1m8 alt1 World Expo (1:06)
1m10AS Make Way for Tomorrow Today (2:00)
1m12 LONGvers Steves Farewell2Bucky (1:08)
1m12 SHORTvers Steves Farewell2Bucky (1:00)
2m1 Steve Meets Dr Erskine (0:23)
2m2 Schmidt_Zola Test Weapon (1:33)
2m3 This Will Change The World Pt1 (0:44)
2m3a This Will Change The World Pt2 (0:53)
2m4 alt1 Training the Supersoldier (1:29)
2m4a Flagpole (0:36)
2m5 Trial By Grenade (0:53)
2m7 Schmidts Backstory Pt1 (0:22)
2m8 Schmidts Backstory Pt2 (2:00)
2m11 alt1 Antique Store (1:53)
2m12 alt1 Steve Straps In (1:02)
3m1 alt1 Vita Rays (2:56)
3m1 alt1 Vita Rays (2:56)
3m2 alt1 Sabotage (1:58)
3m3 alt1 Kruger Chase (2:53)
3m4 Hostage on Pier 13 (2:49)
3m5 Generals Criticize Schmidt (1:06)
3m5 ALTend Generals Criticize Schnmidt (1:11)
3m6 alt1 Generals Resign (1:18)
3m7 Senator Brandts PepTalk (0:50)
3m10 alt1 Italy Rain Talk (1:25)
4m1 Unauthorized Night Flight (1:27)
4m5 Finding Bucky (1:45)
4m6 Up to the Catwalk (0:48)
4m7 alt1 Factory Inferno (3:25)
4m8s Horn of the Valkyries (0:11)
4m9 alt1 Triumphant Return (2:27)
4mx-1 Parachute (0:21)
4mx-2 Evil Factory (0:18)
4mx-3 Past the Guards (1:21)
4mx-4 Factory Sneak (0:34)
4mx-5 Explosives (0:19)
4mx-6 Rescue (1:01)
4mx-7 Breaking Free (0:29)
4mx-8 Schmidts CCTV (1:47)
5m4 Stark Tests Power Source (0:24)
5m5 Private Lorraine (0:41)
5m5 alt1 Private Lorraine (0:38)
5m5 alt2 Private Lorraine (0:39)
5m6 alt1 Invaders Montage (2:16)
5m7 Red Skull Kills Survivor (0:32)
5m8 Hydra Train (1:28)
5m8a Hydra Train Shootout (1:09)
5m9 Buckys Plunge (1:21)
5m10 Steves Remorse (0:39)
5m11 His Target is Everywhere (1:38)
5m12 alt1 Motorcyle Mayhem (3:06)
6m1 Invasion Begins (2:45)
6m2 Firefight in the Fortress (0:35)
6m3 Red Skull Boards Plane (0:53)
6m4 alt1 Runway Pursuit (2:14)
6m5 alt1 Flight Deck Fight (1:10)
6m6 alt1 Boomerang Crash Landing (0:45)
6m7 alt1 Red Skullduggery (1:57)
6m8 Cube Goes Nova (1:47)
6m9 Goodbyes (3:25)
6m10 Passage of Time (1:31)
6m10 ALT Passage of Time (1:38)
6m11 Recovery Room (0:43)
6m12 Everybody Runs (1:04)
6m13 EC (1:11)
EC JERedit2 (2:37)
EC (2:38)
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