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The Karate Kid Recording Sessions

James Horner

The Karate Kid Recording Sessions

Bottleg CD

Music By James Horner

EUR 20.99

Label Ltd Edition

2/CD Set

Good Sound

Not Ufficial Release

Artist: James Horner
Title: The Karate Kid Recording Sessions
Media: CD
Release date: 27.01.2013
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 10
1 The Karate Kid (1m3)
2 Finding Mr. Han (1m6)
3 The Park (1m7)
4 Ping Pong Dre (1m9)
5 Dre&First Fight (2m2)
6 Dre&Makeup (2m3)
7 Lunchroom/I hate This Place (2m4v1)
8 I hate This Place (Sad End) (2m4v2)
9 Hiding From Cheng (2m6)
10 Keep Away From Us (2m10)
11 Kung Fu (2m11)
12 Wrong School (2m12)
13 I wanna Go Home (3m1a)
14 Forbidden City (3m1b)
15 Bad Boys (3m1c)
16 Beijing Chase (3m2)
17 Fighting A Blind Man (3m3)
18 Ancient Chinese Healing (3m40
19 Dre Asks For Help (3m5)
20 Master Li (3m6)
21 Mr. Han&House (4m1)
22 Hang It Up, Put It On (4m2)
23 We Are Both Practicing (4m4)
24 Meeting Backstage (4m6)
25 First Kiss (4m8v1)
26 First Kiss Revised (4m8v2)
27 Everything Is Kung Fu (4m90
28 To The Dragon Well Part 1 (5m1)
29 To The Dragon Well Part 2 (5m1a)
30 Master And Student (5m4)
31 First Training (5m5r)
32 All Work And No Play (5m6)
33 You Should Be In A Video (5m10)
34 You Are Bad For My Life (5m13)
35 Final Training (6m1-2)
36 Car Crash Redemption (6m1av1)
37 Car Crash Redemption Revised (6m1av2)
38 The Present (6m3a)
39 The Apology (6m3v1)
40 The Apology Alternate End (6m3v2)
41 I Want Him Broken (7m1)
42 That Not Kung Fu (7m2)
43 The Finals (7m3)
44 Break His leg/Cobra (7m4)
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