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Men In Black Complete score

Danny Elfman

Men In Black Complete score

Bottleg CD

Music By Danny Elfman

EUR 20.99

Label Ltd Edition

Good sound not sfx

not ufficial cd release cdr

Artist: Danny Elfman
Title: Men In Black Complete score
Media: CD
Release date: 24.01.2014
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 10
01. Opening Theme
02. Pulled Over - Sheriff Questions
03. D Exposes Mikey
04. Mikey Makes A Run For It - Blasted
05. Clean Up Team Arrives
06. Looking At The Stars
07. NY Chase - Guggenheim Run
08. Edgar Investigates - New Skin Suit
09. Edgar Gets His Spaceship
10. Driving To The Pawn Shop
11. Showing The Imports
12. K Neutralizes Edwards
13. Edgar Terminats Exterminator
14. Contemplation - Edgar To NY
15. Into MIB Headquarters
16. The Suit - Becoming J
17. Edgar Follow The Cab
18. Edgar Kills The Diplomats
19. J Delivers The Baby
20. Tabloid Cue Sting
21. Morgue Transition
22. Autopsy Discoveries - MIB's Arrive
23. Galaxy Is On Orion's Belt
24. Clean Up Crew - Diamonds
25. K Reminisces
26. Archillean Battle Cruiser
27. Edgar Sees Cat Picture
28. Noisy Cricket - Escape
29. Deliver The Galaxy - Postcard
30. Seeing The Galaxy
31. Bug Spray Is A Bad Idea
32. Edgar In The Morgue
33. Morgue Standoff - Window
34. Cab Escape - Hostage
35. Set Up A Bio Net
36. J Figures Out The Plan
37. Climbing Edgar
38. Edgar Takes Off - Shoot It!
39. Giant Bug - K Gets Eaten
40. Bug Isn't Dead - Blown Up
41. K Gets Neuralized By J
42. MIB Closing Theme
43. Men In Black (Will Smith)
44. The Promised Land (Elvis Presley) ›Žди в ‡‘€ном 2 (Complete Score) (2002)
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