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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell no tales

Geoff Zanelli

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell no tales

Original Soundtrack

Music By Geoff Zanelli

EUR 18.99

Label Disney Records

Origial cd not/cdr

Artist: Geoff Zanelli
Title: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell no tales
Media: CD
Release date: 14.06.2017
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 10
1. Dead Men Tell No Tales (1:51)
2. Salazar (4:27)
3. No Woman Has Ever Handled My Herschel (3:59)
4. You Speak of the Trident (1:58)
5. The Devilâ??s Triangle (2:45)
6. Shansa (3:12)
7. Kill the Filthy Pirate, Iâ??ll Wait (4:50)
8. The Dying Gull (1:01)
9. El Matador Del Mar (8:05)
10. Kill the Sparrow (6:16)
11. She Needs the Sea (2:32)
12. The Brightest Star in the North (6:00)
13. Iâ??ve Come With the Butcherâ??s Bill (6:41)
14. The Power of the Sea (4:07)
15. Treasure (5:43)
16. My Name Is Barbossa (5:34)
17. Beyond My Beloved Horizon (2:41)
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