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Stargate The Deluxe Edition

David Arnold

Stargate The Deluxe Edition

Original Soundtrack

Music By David Arnold

EUR 100.99

Label Varese Sarabande

Artist: David Arnold
Title: Stargate The Deluxe Edition
Media: CD
Release date: 22.09.2006
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 1
1.Stargate Overture (3:03)

2.Wild Abduction (1:19)

3.Giza, 1928 (2:11)

4.Unstable (2:08)

5.The Coverstones (:59)

6.Translation and Orion (1:49)

7.The Stargate Opens (3:58)

8.Youre On The Team (1:57)

9.Entering The Stargate (2:57)

10.The Other Side (1:45)

11.Bomb Assembly (1:09)

12.Mastadge Drag (:57)

13.The Mining Pit (1:36)

14.King Of The Slaves (1:16)

15.Caravan To Nagada (2:17)

16.The Eye Of Ra (:41)

17.Daniel And Shauri (1:53)

18.Symbol Discovery (1:14)

19.Sarcophagus Opens (:57)

20.Daniel Mastadge (:49)

21.Leaving Nagada (4:11)

22.Ra The Sun God (3:23)

23.The Destruction Of Nagada (2:09)

24.Myth, Faith, Belief (2:19)

25.Procession (1:44)

26.Slave Rebellion (1:01)

27.We Don Want To Die (1:58)

28.Execution (1:16)

29.The Kiss / The Seventh Symbol (1:50)

30.Against The Gods (:34)

31.Quartz Shipment (1:28)

32.Battle At The Pyramid (5:03)

33.Surrender (1:45)

34.Transporter Horror (1:49)

35.Kasuf Returns (3:06)

36.Going Home (3:10)

Bonus Track:

37.Closing Titles (Intro) (1:13)
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