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GoodBy Mr. Chips  SOLD OUT

John Williams

GoodBy Mr. Chips SOLD OUT

Film Score Monthly

Music By John Williams

Label Film Score Monthly

Original CD NOT/CDR

Artist: John Williams
Title: GoodBy Mr. Chips SOLD OUT
Media: CD
Release date: 23.09.2006
Catalog number:
Qt.Available: 0
Disc One
Film Score Reconstruction

Overture 4:00
"Fill the World With Love" (Main Title) [Chorus] 4:33
"Where Did My Childhood Go?" [Chips] 3:46
Flossie from Fulham Overture and Play-on 0:57
"London Is London" [Katherine & Chorus] 3:29
Pompeii 2:46
"And the Sky Smiled" [Katherine] 3:14
Know Yourself ("And the Sky Smiled" Reprise) [Katherine] 1:50
"Apollo" [Katherine] 1:19
"When I Am Older" [Boys] 3:11
"Walk Through the World" [Katherine] 4:10
"Fill the World With Love" (Assembly) [Katherine & Chorus] 1:44

Katherine Overhears 1:30
First Act Finale 1:39
Entr'Acte and "What Shall I Do With Today?" [Katherine] 3:39

"What a Lot of Flowers" [Chips] 2:20
A Lesson ("What a Lot of Flowers" Reprise) [Chips] 1:47
Fifteenth Anniversary 3:13
The Postcard ("And the Sky Smiled" Reprise) [Katherine] 2:23
"School Days" [Katherine and Boys] 1:53
"When I Was Younger" [Chips] and Chips Resigns 3:20
"You and I" [Katherine] 2:20
Chips Accepts 1:25
Very Pleased 0:44
Katherine's Death 1:26
The Boys React 2:09
"Fill the World With Love" (Finale) and End Title [Chips & Chorus] 3:28
Exit Music ("You and I" Orchestral Reprise) 2:26

Total Time: 71:47


"Fill the World With Love" (Main Title) (film version) [Chorus] [including Prelude and Fugue in G minor, J.S. Bach] 4:12
First Act Finale (alternate) 1:37
End Title (film version) 1:01

Total Time: 7:04

Total Disc Time: 78:51

Disc Two
Narrative Sequence of Alternates
and Source Music With Interviews

"Fill the World With Love" (Main Title) [treble version] 2:49
Interview Segment #1 -- Peter O'Toole 2:31
"Where Did My Childhood Go?" (alternate) 3:10
Interview Segment #2 -- Petula Clark 2:01
"London Is London" (alternate) 3:25
Savoy (source) 3:53
Pompeii (alternate) 2:26
"And the Sky Smiled" (alternate) 4:06
"Apollo" (alternate) 1:20
"When I Am Older" (alternate) 2:56
"And I Would Love You" (source) [Diana Lee, Jerry Whitman] 1:08
"The Perfect Man" (source) [Diana Lee] 1:50
Katherine's Party Piano (source) 5:29
"Walk Through the World" (alternate) 3:11
"Fill the World With Love" (Assembly) [solo version] 1:43
"Integer Vitae" (source) [Boys] 2:02
First Act Finale (alternate #2) 1:24
"What Shall I Do With Today?" (alternate) 1:28
Ursula's Party (source) 1:34
Ursula's Memory (source) 1:43
Interview Segment #3 -- Peter O'Toole 0:43
"What a Lot of Flowers" (alternate) 2:17
"O Worship the King" (source) [Katherine & Chips] 0:43
"What a Lot of Flowers" Reprise (alternate) 0:53
Interview Segment #4 -- Petula Clark 1:42
"School Days" (alternate) 2:22
"When I Was Younger" (alternate) 1:01
"You and I" (alternate) 2:52
Interview Segment #5 -- Peter O'Toole 2:50
"Fill the World With Love" (Finale) (alternate) 1:46
End Title (alternate) 1:00

Total Disc Time: 69:35

Disc Three

Original 1969 Soundtrack Album

Overture 4:00
"Fill the World With Love" 2:10
"Where Did My Childhood Go?" 3:12
"London Is London" 3:29
"And the Sky Smiled" 4:05
"Apollo" 1:21
"When I Am Older" 2:48
"Walk Through the World" 3:09
Entr'Acte and "What Shall I Do With Today?" 3:38
"What a Lot of Flowers" and Reprise 3:14
"School Days" 2:23
"When I Was Younger" 1:01
"You and I" 2:50
"Fill the World With Love" (Finale) and End Title 3:10
"You and I" Orchestral Reprise 2:26

Total Time: 43:35

Interview Segments

Peter O'Toole on Location 6:33
Petula Clark on Location 4:49

Total Time: 11:32

Additional Alternates and Unused Songs

"Fill the World With Love" (demo) [Ian Fraser] 1:15
"The Roll Call" (demo/unused) [Leslie Bricusse] 2:08
"That's a Boy" (demo/unused) [Leslie Bricusse] 3:20
"Today" (demo/unused) [Ian Fraser] 2:30
"No One's Ever Been in Love" (demo/unused) [Ian Fraser] 2:15
"Walk Through the World" (demo) [Petula Clark] 3:19
"London Is London" (original playback) [Petula Clark & Chorus] 4:24

"Tomorrow With Me" (unused) [Petula Clark] 2:36
End Title (demo/alternate) [Chorus] 1:18

Total Time: 23:45

Total Disc Time: 78:52

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